We provide full support in the field of e-commerce, which has increased in importance and value over the years. We offer you support along the way from the setup of your e-commerce website, the preparation of your product images, the determination and uploading of product contents, to the management of all your sales and products. 

Should you choose ready-made websites when configuring your e-commerce website or should you have your own e-commerce site built? What are the pros and cons of these options? Should you enter the variants of the products separately or should you enter a single product and define the variant? What should you consider when determining your prices? Should you keep stock of your products? Should store stock and e-commerce website stock be kept separate? How should the website design be for your industry? What should those aiming for foreign countries do? How will I establish the relationship between the e-commerce website, social media and advertising? Rella offers you answers to these questions and many more. We enjoy moving forward with you in your entire e-commerce journey.

We wish you plenty of e-commerce.



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