Metaverse A Fictional Universe

Metaverse is a hypothetical iteration of the Internet that supports online 3D virtual environments via virtual and augmented reality devices far beyond the traditional computers we are used to. Metaverse enables the person to be physically involved in the artificial environment thanks to computers, android devices and 3D devices.

Metaverse is an event that is seen by people as reflecting today's universe in a virtual environment and is believed to be more valuable than the universe we live in in the future. It has recently attracted the attention of the whole world. When this is the case, this interest is followed with great interest by companies and companies are working on new strategies in this context.

So what makes this universe so special?

the term "metaverse"; It is a phrase formed by combining the words meta: beyond and Verse: a back formation from the universe. This concept describes a future iteration of the internet, consisting of 3D, shared, permanent virtual spaces connected to a virtual universe that we can perceive and physically feel like there.

Since most people in today's world have to work from home due to the pandemic, these days, people have turned to the virtual environment more than ever before. We felt like we were out and socialized by walking around virtual museums during the pandemic period. In addition, we shifted our lifestyle to digital and shopped from the virtual market for our household needs. At the same time, we have adopted to meet all kinds of basic human needs through virtual sites and applications. For example, we have been doing all our shopping, from grocery to clothing, using the internet for a long time. This is exactly where the idea of ​​the metaverse emerged. Because it eliminates the limited options we experience in this period and offers a more free virtual universe to its users. This universe, where there is no limit and there are various activities, is very attractive to people in today's world. Even a world-famous name, Justin Bieber, gave a concert in Metaverse, and H&M, a global brand, announced that it opened its Metaverse store in the past months. The Metaverse Universe, which is marked by world-famous names and brands, seems to make a name for itself more.

Turkey's Interest in Metaverse Increases!

Turkey ranks first among the countries that purchase the most land from Metaverse. This fictional universe, which offers us commerce, events and many more options from where we sit, comes to us from the computer screen and virtual reality glasses. Of course, the fate of these purchased lands will be determined in the future, but we can say that they were bought with great hopes now. Although experts say that this universe will become more important and valuable than the universe we live in in the future, and that life will be lived entirely in that universe, some say that it is just a new trend and that in the future humanity will want to be in this universe to have a completely real experience and the last word will be said in this universe. Of course, it is not possible to see the results of such discussions for now. We have no choice but to wait and see what other surprises technology will offer us. Although seeing that the life carried to digital surprises us more and more each passing day, it brings a small smile to our faces, it is a little scary to see the big impact of the developments on people.

Introduction to the Metaverse Universe

It is possible to enter the Metaverse universe through the applications and platforms created by some companies themselves. The five most popular platform names are as follows:

Decentraland Mana: A 3D virtual reality platform consisting of 90,601 parcels.
Axie Infinity: An NFT-based online video game using Ehterium-based cryptocurrencies.
Sand: A Metaverse project that offers players the chance to create and experie nce their own worlds.
Star Atlas: A space-based strategy game built on blockchain technology.
Roblox: Metaverse platform that offers a brand new virtual reality experience with 47 million daily users and 9.5 million developers.

How Can I Buy Land?

First of all, you need to create a digital wallet in your name. Then, you can easily complete your land purchase process by researching companies selling virtual land and purchasing your land with coins on the platform that sells the land or with crypto money via virtual wallet.

On Which Platforms Can You Buy Land?

The 5 platforms that users show the most interest in purchasing land in the Metaverse universe are as follows:

Decentraland: In Decentraland, where even Samsung buys land, the average land prices are close to 30 thousand dollars.

Sandbox: On this platform, players create and design their own plots. Skybound Entertainment is the biggest competitor of Decentraland, the platform backed by Ubisoft and Softbank. Somnium: With an average land price of $18,900, Somnium offers users a real virtual reality experience.

OVR Land: Aiming to bring the real world to virtual reality, OVR Land has a replica of the real world. Land prices are also generally valued proportionally to their location and level in the real world. SuperWorld: It is possible to buy a virtual copy of the land anywhere in the world in the application, which carries a copy of the real world to the virtual world, just like OVR.

Can Anyone Buy Land From Metaverse?

Metaverse Property, the world's first virtual reality real estate company, stated that users of all ages can purchase land from Metaverse platforms for investment and entertainment purposes.