2021 google search trends

What was the most searched on Google this year?

In the last month of 2021, while living its last days, with the approach of the new year, the most searched list on Google became clear as a broad summary of 2021. 2021 was a year in which normalization was seen. It turns out that online searches are on the rise in searches for sports and entertainment in 2021.

What was the most searched in 2021 in Google, which is at the top of the list among the most popular search engines?

In the search trends of 2021, Google is the most in Turkey; who?, how does it go?, how? and when? While searching for answers to your questions, the top 5 on the most wanted list are as follows:

1-EBA entry: Eba is again in the first place, and EBA, which was in the first place in the list in 2020 as it left its mark most of the year due to the distance education pandemic, was also the most searched word group in 2021.
2-Squid Game : The South Korean drama that broke the watch records as a trend around the world
3-AÖL: Searches for open education high schools ranked third.
4-Mesut Özil: World-famous Fenerbahce player Mesut Özil ranked fourth on the list.
5-Elmalı Case: The Elmalı Case, which is on the agenda of the public, was the top 5 most searched this year.

The most searched names on Google Turkey in 2021:

1-Mesut Özil: Mesut Özil is at the top of the list of most wanted names. Fenerbahçe player became the most curious name in Turkey.
2-Ebrar Karakurt: A National Women's Volleyball Team player Ebrar Karakurt took the second place in the list.
3-Mahmut Özer: In parallel with the most searched words, the Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer became the third name that Turkey was most curious about.
4-Burak Elmas: President of Galatasaray
5-İrfan Can Kahveci: Fenerbahce football player

The most searched TV series on Google Turkey in 2021:

1-Squid Game
3-Love Logic Revenge

The most searched recipes on Google Turkey in 2021:

1-Güllac recipe
2-Cold Baklava Recipe
3-Taco recipe
4-Tulumba dessert recipe
5-Souffle recipe in the pot

Under the title of Who, different topics came to the fore.

In Google Turkey in 2021, users will ask "Who?" under the title of the most curious:

1-Survivor Who Was Eliminated
2-Who Won Masterchef
3-Who is the Champion
4-Girl in the Window Hayri Kim
5-Who became the President of Galatasaray

We looked for ways to heal with how it goes.

Google in Turkey in 2021, users "How will it go?" Most searched under the title:

1-How to Get a Runny Nose
2-How the Flu Passes
3-How to Cough
4-How to pass a shallot
5-How To Get A Rash

Google in Turkey in 2021 users "How?" Most searched under the title:

1-How to Get HES Code
2-How to Get a Vaccination Appointment
3-How to Get a Vaccination Card
4-How will the full closure be?
5-How to Make a Water Diet

Google Turkey in 2021 when users "When?" Most searched under the title:

1-When Schools Will Open
2-When is the Cabinet Meeting
3-When the Bans End
4-When is Full Shutdown
5-When will the cafes open