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The Curtain Opens to the Future!

The ever-changing and developing technology in every field compels us to turn to the digital environment. As part of the change, you must keep up with the development so that you do not lag behind the times. There is now a new part of digital, which is the goal of sustainability, among us; Theater!

Is art for art or art for people? It has been thought for a long time and a lot has been said about it and still no conclusion has been reached, but the theater is a platform that sets out to be the curtain that opens the theater for all artists and art lovers.

A Disruptive Period in Theatre

The biggest goal of the digital theater period is to serve the field of stage and performance arts and the development of general art culture in Turkey.

Theaternet has started its broadcasting life, sometimes while enjoying the fresh air on your balcony, and sometimes in the comfort of your home, to relieve all the tiredness of a busy day, to get rid of your daily life tempo and to easily reach beautiful moments. You can watch the game with this innovative approach. Thus, the theater is always one click away from the audience, and the audience is just one click away from the theater. 

The innovation of moving the theater to a digital platform, Of course, it may not be fun to watch it on stage, but some plays could only be watched by theater lovers in the cities where they were played. However, came to life in the hands of Rella Digital Agency and offered the opportunity to watch it in any environment you want.

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