Digital Turkish Lira

The CBRT is taking steps to create a digital Turkish lira with local technology companies in order to spread digital currency systems and expand their usage areas. HAVELSAN will provide a lot of support from the preparation of the infrastructure for the Digital Turkish Lira and the establishment of a platform for this infrastructure. He was responsible for the preparation of backend applications running on the platform to run the Digital Turkish Lira Development Project. HAVELSAN is a pilot implementation phase for both prototyping and digital identity management infrastructure integration, mobile wallet application preparation, digital currency printing, online payment/transfer and redemption scenario distribution, control and system performance and services. It will be a firm that undertakes the task of implementation and will provide support to the CBRT in this context. HAVELSAN will also be responsible for the Digital Turkish Lira Development Project in the fields of cyber security and data analysis.


The project aims to provide multiple environments for the participants. It prepares the environment in which the development, control, simulation and monitoring tools are presented to the project participants. Again at HAVELSAN, attack detection, case monitoring and analysis, vulnerability testing, security analysis, leak detection and penetration testing are performed. As part of the first phase of the pilot studies, a prototype of the Turkish Lira Digital Network will be deployed at the CBRT to conduct pilot tests for technical personnel for a certain period of time. After the establishment of the Limited Digital Turkish Lira Network, the participating shareholder organizations aim to process members' digital currency transactions and measure system performance based on user experience. In the project, it is planned to use the Turkish digital lira as a pilot application for the members of the organization that makes up the commercial fleet, and to provide the employees with the opportunity to purchase goods through a certain digital wallet.

The 2022 Presidential Program will determine the fate of the Turkish digital lira. That's why the 2022 calendar states that "blockchain-based CBDCs will be implemented." Many countries in the world are working on digital payment systems and central bank digital currencies, but Turkey has announced that it has started various tests in this area. Today, the president's 2022 agenda provided information on these expenditures for next year. The program states: “National joint ventures will be established and research will continue to develop alternative monetary and payment systems that take into account the international trade system. In this context, the following goals were achieved: "Blockchain-based central bank digital finance has borne fruit. Greater participation and improved decentralized pilot tests will lead to greater participation and decentralization. It was carried out after the pilot results of the first phase. Research and development of the Turkish Central Bank digital lira project. Relevant systems have been established by the Central Bank, the Treasury and TUBITAK to achieve these goals.

HAVELSAN helped prepare the Turkish Lira digital network infrastructure, established a distributed ledger platform for this network, and enabled the commissioning of smart contracts and back-end applications.

HAVELSAN, which completed the preparation and integration tasks of the Identity Management Framework Prototype No. No., and prepared the mobile wallet application, also tested export, distribution, payment/online remittance and return, pilot application process and measurement system performance scenarios. and user experience. It acts as both a facilitator and developer in matters such as reporting.