Monster Notebook changed its name abroad

Monster Notebook changed its name abroad

Monster Notebook, a technology company and one of the first brands that come to mind when it comes to gaming computers from Turkey, started its operations in Europe in September 2020 with the experience store it opened in Berlin, the capital of Germany. Making a remarkable decision, Monster Notebook announced its international rebranding as Tulpar. The Tulpar name is no stranger to those who are interested in the Monster laptop series, as these laptops are still sold under the Tulpar series. In other words, Monster has created a series of products that bring brands to users in the international market.

Domestic technology brand Monster Notebook was renamed as Monster Notebook abroad, Tulpar with the aim of globalization.

Tulpar, the name of the company's affordable laptop line, is now the new name of the brand. The name change is intended not to be confused with other brands using the "Beast" name and to increase its worldwide visibility.

Monster, which will continue on its way under the Tulpar brand in line with its globalization strategy. The purpose of this change is to differentiate this brand, which emerged in Turkey and became a world brand, from other brands operating with similar brands in international markets. As you know, "Monster" is a generic name and means monster. Dozens of companies from all walks of life in the international market have used the name Monster over the years. A brand that enters a new market but is not yet known can present all kinds of difficulties in entering the market. As a brand that takes customer experience very seriously, Monster notebook brand wanted to avoid confusion by continuing on with Tulpar.

As Monster Notebook, we develop state-of-the-art hardware configurations for players of all levels for the best gaming experience in the ever-evolving digital gaming world, and we are committed to providing our users with a new generation of experiences. We continue to work without slowing down to achieve our market leadership in Turkey in our overseas operations. We will continue to use the Tulpar brand in line with our globalization strategy.

While experiencing this change, our goal is to introduce the brand that we will go out of Turkey to become a world brand in the international market as well. It distinguishes it from other brands with similar names. As you know, "beast" is a generic noun that means beast. There are dozens of companies operating in various fields that have been using the Monster name for many years in the international market. For a brand that is not yet known to enter a new market, this may present some difficulties when entering the market.