New Features of Whatsapp and Instagram

WhatsApp and Instagram, which are among the most popular applications in the world, provided support for use from four different devices in the previous periods. WhatsApp has become an application used by billions of people around the world. As new features come to the application, users do not hesitate to demand more every day. With the development of technology, people are now waiting impatiently for a new feature to come every day.

Among the new features made on WhatsApp, the photo editing feature, which was previously on mobile but not in the desktop application, has also been added to the desktop application. The new feature will also meet users when it is seamless. In addition, among the new features, the person will be able to hide their information from the person they want, according to their own will, in a logic similar to the no one option. It seems that another possible new feature will be sending a voice message from the desktop application.

With the offline use feature of WhatsApp, you can continue messaging from the desktop application without being online on your phone. In addition, sticker suggestions are now offered to you in your conversations on WhatsApp.

In addition, WhatsApp has now increased security with its new features and switched to end-to-end encryption in desktop and web applications.

The new feature on Instagram is that you can send likes without replying to the story of the person you want. In addition, the features that are planned to be made available on Instagram will be able to rearrange the images on the profile page according to the order desired by the user. So with this feature, no matter how old your posts are or your favorite posts, you will always be able to bring them to the top. Although there is no explanation about this feature yet, it is thought to be offered as a new feature in the future.

In addition, the 24-hour status feature on Instagram has officially started to be used by some users. If you want, you can choose from the suggested ones, or you can update your status as you want by writing a new description. Statuses can be viewed by your followers from the direct message section or next to your profile name.

He announced that Instagram will add 2 new tabs as Home and Reels, as well as 'Favorites' and 'Following' tabs. You will be able to see the posts of your friends that you want to see constantly in the favorites. Unlike the Main Page, we will encounter less advertising content in the followed section.

We also think that with the Meta links that come with the new technology, a lot of new features will be offered. As Rella Media, we follow up-to-date technologies and aim to present all the new trends for you.