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With the Digital Revolution, the working model of business life has gained a new habit. The word "remote", which we have heard frequently lately, has thus settled in the middle of our lives. So what exactly does remote mean? 

Remote means far. It is the new name of the working system called Homeoffice. It is implemented in the form of executing works remotely using a mobile device and computer with an internet connection. According to your working time and the category of the work you do, it is not only limited to the house, if you wish, cafe, restaurant, hotel, beach, etc. It provides the opportunity to work from anywhere with internet and computer.

The idea of working without the obligation to go to the workplace seems perfect for every person at first glance, but it has advantages as well as disadvantages for both the employee and the employer. 

‘’According to research, 74% of employees in Turkey see working from home as an advantage. 52% believe that those working from home are more productive than those working in the office.’’

Advantages of the Remote Working Model

One of the most important details is definitely eliminating the time lost during commuting and commuting. From the opposite side, you may question what kind of negative commuting can be, but we can say that the stress of being late for work is at the very beginning of a psychologically related pattern. If we briefly describe this situation with an example; The person who is late for work or trying to catch up with this fear, uses a taxi in order to catch the start of the shift, except for public transportation, and not to experience mobbing on this issue. Taxi can become an extra expense when it has to be used continuously for the employee, and it can affect the motivation and work performance of the employee in a psychological sense. Which was a very simple example.

‘An average employee in Istanbul spends 2-2.5 hours on the road.’ 

Working from home provides flexibility in one's own habitat, such as environment, heat, light, clothing and so on. Working in the most suitable environment for the employee also increases his productivity. Because the loss of focus of attention against external factors in one's own environment is easier especially for people living alone, in this way, the person can work more concentratedly without losing his focus while working. 

For the employer, transportation fee, lunch, electricity, water etc. for commuting to work. significant savings in costs. 

There are positive as well as negative aspects of domestic factors. Especially when it comes to child and elderly care, the feeling of being able to intervene at any time relieves the employee, while at the same time it can make working hours difficult in terms of focus and efficiency. 

Disadvantages of the Remote Working Model

In the remote working model, sometimes the person may not be able to work as actively as in the office based on proof of work style, time and performance. With the motive of proving himself and his work, he can put pressure on himself to work more hours, which in turn creates stress and inefficiency for his work.

Working from home means being away from both colleagues and managers. Workplace socialization and team spirit motivation  This situation, which prevents it, also causes a move away from the competitive working style in the workplace. In this case, it sometimes brings a feeling of loneliness and unhappiness. While it can easily and quickly solve a problem that develops in the same office environment, the waiting time for a solution-based response from the other party can negatively affect the interpersonal empathic approach during work tempo and busyness. 

The person working in the office may miss his home during working hours and may feel relieved when he returns home after work ends, but the person working at home may feel deprived of this feeling as he will see your home as a workplace after a while. If the right approach and planning is not done, housework and professional work plan can be mixed with each other in a very short time. 

Being Planned and Correct Situation Orientation is a Must!

The correct way of working is not known exactly when we look at today's conditions and possibilities, but it is a definite judgment that a person should work in a planned and meticulous manner in order not to lose his motivation by knowing the pros and cons. Directing his efficiency to the right area at the right time creates a happier and more positive personality in the environment he is in. Thus, the person will be more successful both in his social life and in his business life.