SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEO English is the abbreviation of the words Search Engine Optimization. It is called search engine optimization in Turkish. It enables your site to rank better in search results related to your business. In other words, it is the name given to all the work done to make websites perform better in search engines and reach more users.

Why is SEO so important?

The purpose of using SEO is for websites to appear in the top 10 results or top rankings based on words. Ranking higher on your website means attracting more users and gaining more visitors. As a result, it is an application that noticeably increases both your clicks and views. But if you work on words that are not related to the content of your website in SEO, you will make a mistake. In this case, the Google search engine will not rank your site higher, on the contrary, it will penalize it. When you do SEO work on phrases related to your business and site content, the rate of return to work will be faster and more. If you do not have experience in this field, you can get support from us as an expert. Working with the right company is very important. If you work with individuals or companies that are not experienced in SEO, you can seriously damage your site.

How do search engines work?

There are many factors that determine the sites that appear in the search results, but the most important ones include the words relevance, expertise and trust. Optimizing your site according to these signals can enable you to rank higher in Google and search engines, even in the 1st rank. As you know, Google is one of the first quality and reliable search engines. We can even say that it is the first with artificial intelligence. The reason why it still continues as a leader today is its artificial intelligence and providing quality service to its customers. Google has changed hundreds of algorithms by discovering user experiences to date. The main reason for changing the algorithm is that it gives users clearer answers about what they are looking for. The Google search engine updates its artificial intelligence annually.


Why are keywords important in SEO?

Keywords are one of the most important criteria in SEO. Because every keyword that is not related to your business will lead you to a dead end and cause serious damage to your site. Keyword research is the most important part of the SEO (search engine optimization) process.

How is SEO done?

• Website Internal Optimization • Optimization for Content Production and Publishing on the Website • Technical Audit and Optimization • PR and Links, Website External Optimization • Regular Keyword Research and Applications

As a result;

SEO (search engine optimization) is not an apply-and-drop process. When doing search engine optimization, you need to provide your visitors with fresh, unique content on a regular basis. SEO work is a work that needs to be continued continuously. There are many factors that can affect the results. These factors are constantly changing. You can contact us on any issue related to SEO (search engine optimization). We would be happy to provide professional SEO services to you or your company. In addition, we would like to show exemplary works at the meeting we will plan. Our SEO studies are regularly reported. I hope you have plenty of target-oriented visitors.