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What Did Turkey Search for on Google in 2020?

Google has released a list of global search trends for 2020. As you can imagine, the most searched word globally was, of course, 'Coronavirus'. The world has spent a lot of time by getting Google support against the ways of understanding, learning and protecting this deadly disease that has emerged all of a sudden. While the world's agenda is changing rapidly, the first question that comes to mind is what did Turkey look for in 2020? Which search attracted the most attention in the top 5 of Turkey?


EBA inquiries in Turkey started to rise in February 2020 and quickly became popular and topped our list.

EBA stands for Education Information Network. This system is a social networking platform that brings together teachers and students prepared by the Ministry of National Education. It is an environment where teachers can upload the course content they want and communicate with students in the form of video conference. The provinces with the highest scores in the EBA query were Adıyaman, Osmaniye, Siirt, Kilis and Yozgat, respectively. Searches for “EBA live lesson”, “EBA intro” and “live lesson” shared the top among the phrases that showed great growth.


Since events such as the pandemic situation, earthquakes, and the US election throughout the year set the agenda, Turkey must have always had this question in mind: How much is the dollar in TL?

This question, which never comes to mind, reached its peak especially between 8-14 November. In addition to this question, the search query "how much was the dollar in last minute today" became one of the trends that showed great growth. The provinces at the top of the inquiries about the dollar were Hatay and Şırnak.


Although the first case in Turkey was seen on March 11, 2020, searches on Google for the Corona Virus, which affected the world, started towards the end of January in Turkey, and with the first case seen in our country between 8-14 March, it became a search word that saw the peak. has arrived.


Turkey has also struggled with many earthquakes in 2020. According to the data from January to August, 21,549 tremors occurred.

In the 6.8 magnitude Elazig earthquake in January, 41 people lost their lives. The earthquakes that occurred in Manisa and Elazığ in February were followed by Van in March. On May 2, 2020, the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that occurred off the Mediterranean coast scared Turkey. The Izmir earthquake, which occurred on October 30, 2020, had a magnitude of 6.9. 110 people lost their lives in the earthquake that occurred off the coast of Seferihisar. When this is the case, searches such as "last earthquake", "earthquake last minute" were also made frequently throughout Turkey.


One of the most sought-after words of the new digital era, which we started to live with with the epidemic, was the Zoom application. For 2020, which we can call the golden age of digitalization, online video conference meetings limited to 40 minutes with zoom, which has made a great place for itself in many sectors such as business and education, have become more planned and more productive with HD image and sound quality.

Kayseri was the province with the highest number of searches related to Zoom in Turkey. In addition, “zoom download” and “zoom meetings” calls were also at the top of the lists.


According to the data of 2020, Google is the most …. How is it done? The phrases that come in the form are as follows;

1-How to Get Hes Code?
2-How to Install Zoom Program?
3- How to apply for 1000 TL aid?
4-How Does Distance Education Work?
5-How to Strengthen the Immune System?


In 2020, when we fit life into the home in abundance, we felt the need to produce and consume the classic tastes, which we do not need to spend most of the time we spend at home, but which we believe will make a difference by trying them out during the curfew, as our own handmade products.

1-Bread: Bread recipes were frequently searched on Google when the bread, which we normally say, why should we bother with it at home, by taking it from the oven, due to pandemic conditions and life at home.

2- Pita: Turkey will have successfully overcome bread making towards the end of April, this time it has gone one level higher than bread making on Google and started to search for phrases such as 'pide making' and 'pide recipe' frequently.

3- Ashura: The month of Muharram, which is called the first month of the year according to the Hijri calendar, changes on a yearly basis in the Gregorian calendar, and the Ashura made specifically for this month coincides with August of 2020. As such, Turkey took a short break from pastries and turned to making Ashura.

4-Turkish Kebab: We can say that making the level difficult after bread, pita and ashura and trying yourself is one of the favorite situations of the Turkish nation. By making the level more difficult, he put the effortless kebab, which was made at home, into the Google Trends list.

5-Ramadan Pita: We will have acted with the logic of not saying that we cannot make pita after successful in bread making, which is an indispensable part of Ramadan, and one of the most sought-after recipes on Google for a while was the Ramadan pita recipe.